Grow.Bar® Organic Basil - Seed Kit

Grow.Bar® Organic Basil - Seed Kit



Basil - Ocimum basilicum
Yield: about 3oz - 4oz
Time to harvest: 5 days to germinate + 8 days to grow 

What's In The Box: 

  • Organic Basil (about 4000 seeds)
  • Organic Soil & Fertilizer (Peat moss, vermiculite, lime)
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We have been growing & using microgreens for many years, the result is our easy to grow seed kits, enjoy them & have fun.  We are devoted Chefs, Gardeners, Fathers, Mothers and we have recognized the importance of understanding healthy and organic foods. Children have an urge to learn about the environment they live in and eating healthy is our first and foremost priority therefore the Grow.Bar and the seed kits makes sense.  Growing at home is good for the body, the mind & the soul.

What makes microgreens so special ? 

  • Microgreens grow very fast and according to research contain high amounts of nutrients.
  • Microgreens can be eaten RAW for maximum nutritional values and taste. 
  • Microgreens are stunning in appearance and will encourage creativity.
  • Microgreens are the ideal food to garden indoors year round. 

What to do with home grown microgreens: 

  • Harvest some fresh microgreens, add your favorite dressing.
  • Add some to your favorite salad!
  • They make a great for great nutrition in your everyday smoothie! 
  • Give you sandwich a boost with some flavor, texture and looks!