Organic Blah Blah Blah: Getting People Back In The Kitchen

Organic Blah Blah Blah is a new meal-planning service from the West Coast that's changing the way people shop, create and appreciate their food. The new company and blog are informative and educational, as well inspiring and fun. There truly is something for everyone. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or a carnivorous fool, they help people create a healthier relationship with food through personal programs, blog posts, live podcasts and local pop-up events.

Similar to meal-kit delivery, their weekly program options include recipes and instructions, however unlike meal-kit services, The OBBB program does not deliver groceries to your door step. They feel (and so do we) that delivering the ingredients takes away part of the joy found in the process. When you remove growing, harvesting and hand-picking produce from the experience, you also remove part of the personal relationship, and the ability to fully appreciate the meals you create.

Instead, their program delivery options provide personal consulting, reorganizing and shopping services, in addition to shopping lists, recipes and instructions. Sometimes all someone needs is a partner in crime and a place to start. And for anyone looking to live a healthier life, OBBB is a great place to discover the perfect teammate.

They want people to remember why cooking is a necessity, not a hassle, and that it should be something to look forward to. Their mission is to get people back in the kitchen, and forming healthier eating and meal-planning habits by leading the way. They want everyone to learn how to spot and purchase real, organic foods and products, and for California locals they even offer The UdderGround, an ongoing series of classes and events in the Pop-Up format.

People often eat poorly because of limited time, lack of knowledge or the inability to pre-plan. And believe it or not, eating well and growing food is not common knowledge for everyone. Sure, we all watch cooking shows on TV now, they've become a cultural phenomenon. But did you know people spend more time watching kitchens on a screen, than they do cooking in their own homes? These shows inspire, but people need to get their butts in gear. OBBB wants to get people moving, and happily back to their kitchens. They work to help customers choose ingredients, and provide endless (unpretentious) professional support.

There are 3 program options:

  • Introductory Food Nerd
  • Committed Foodie
  • The Complete Reboot

All of the above packages require a 3 month commitment and include weekly deliveries with shopping lists, recipes, instructions and all other necessary information. Each option varies in level of personalized service, so review below to discover which option best suits your specific needs.

Introductory Food Nerd - $150

  • Lists & recipes are sent out Saturday Morning
  • 2 recipes/week for 4 weeks: 4 breakfast, 4 lunch & 4 dinner (total of 48 recipes/month).
  • The goal is to create a sense of habit & understanding of cross-utilizing ingredients.
  • Personal guidance in order to maintain a diverse and healthy diet.
  •  $150/month - with 3 month commitment.

Committed Foodie - $385

  • You & your OBBB consultant will develop a strategy to find the foods you like & to hone your specific culinary skills.
  • 2 one-hour phone sessions per month to discuss what's working & what's not.
  • Access to continuous, reliable email support.
  • List & recipes are sent out Saturday Morning.
  • $385/month - with a 3 month commitment.

The Complete Reboot - $900

  • Reboot your kitchen; Reboot YOU! Rebuild your kitchen to prepare to pursue a new culinary life.
  • Maggie (creator) will personally come to your house, help you organize your space and shop for the basics, in order to create a fully functioning kitchen.
  • This option is currently available to California residents only & includes a 1 month delivery of shopping lists & recipes, as well as access to conference calls and emails.  
  • Lists & recipes are sent out Saturday Morning.
  • $900 - one time

It can be confusing for many people to spot the processed-free foods and organic ingredients. OBBB understand this and works one-on-one with customers to help them better appreciate the process of creating a meal, from the beginning through to the last bite. It's a great way for busy individuals, or cooking novices to start removing some of the anxiety and stress of planning weekly meals. And it's a education well worth the investment.

They combine professional experience with true passion (read more about the co-creators here), and we can't wait to try some of their recipes! Our Grow.Bar® community and users should also remember to add a personal touch and punch of nutrition with their homegrown microgreens. Snap a photo and Sign-up today to share your feedback. We are always looking for new inspiration and we love hearing from our community!

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