3 Vegan Podcasts You Need In Your Life

If you do not already indulge in vegan podcasts, it's high time you started. There is a whole world of information available and some highly entertaining and educational subjects that are covered in the old radio-show format. It seems like literally everyone has a podcast nowadays, and we're loving some of the options.

"You probably didn't hear much about podcasting from 2008 to 2013", says Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm podcast. “Why? That’s because it wasn’t new anymore, so nobody was talking about it. But if you look at the statistics…podcasting has been growing steadily, in great numbers” (Forbes.com). And the exponential growth of smart phones and hand-held devices has driven podcasts to center stage. 

We are on-board with the "trend" if you want to call it that. However, we like to think of it as more of a vintage throwback. Back to the days of listening to the radio in the garage and in our cars. Before we could listen to anything, any time, anywhere, we listened to scheduled radio shows. And podcasts are bringing it back. And just like blogs, they will soon become a necessity for many businesses and imperative for our global communication.

So check out our three favorite Vegan-centric podcasts now playing, and discover the fun and convenience of listening while learning! 

All Things Plants is an active community of gardeners who gather to share ideas, information, and pictures about the plants they love. The whole site is free for everyone (podcast included) and their YouTube channel videos are super friendly, relatable and fun.  Even for non-vegans, this plant-based lifestyle network is well worth a gander. You will most likely be inspired and motivated to start living a more green, and healthier life.

Live Planted is a new podcast out of Ohio that discusses what being a Vegan means, and how it affects the day in the life of a vegan. Sarah and Alyssa give excellent insight into vegan communities with their interviews and questions, and their message is super positive. Again, even non-vegans will benefit from listening, these ladies and their episodes are a great source of happy, healthy inspiration!

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We Dig Plants - Lewis & Clark

This Heritage Radio podcast is super educational and creative. They aim to bring a little more culture to horticulture and cover topics like Lewis & Clark and what plants were a part of their famous expedition. It's one part history lesson, one part plants, and one part food. Their podcasts examine human interaction with plants via authors, industry professionals, historians, plants people, cooks, gardeners and artists. 

What are some of your favorite gardening and vegan podcasts? Sign-up and share with us. We are always looking for new inspiration and we love hearing from our community!

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