White House garden tour : Checking In With America's Gardeners

Regardless of your political views, beliefs or opinions, Michelle Obama's White House Garden tour is inspiring. She began her mission back in 2009, when she broke ground on the most extensive vegetable garden at The White House to date. The 1,100 square-foot, L-shaped garden resides on the South Lawn of The White House (near the tennis courts) and can be seen from parts of the street nearby.

There are more than 55 varieties of vegetables and fruits planted in the garden and they are consistently used in the Obama's weekly meals, as well as in dishes for guests and parties. We love that the FLOTUS has taken such in interest in something that's really important.

Some of the produce from The White House Garden is also donated to local food banks and soup kitchens, and the project was originally inspired by Mrs. Obama's own struggle with providing healthy meals for her family. For a busy, political family who is often on the go, it's understandably hard to consistently provide nutritious and organic meals. Thus, she began one of her first initiatives and decided to spend her time and resources educating Americans on what they eat, and how it's grown & how it affects our bodies. The video below is a tour of The White House Garden, filmed in 2010 after it's initial completion.

Two years after this video, she published her book "American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America" to start promoting a healthier America. The book further explores the White House Garden from it's construction to it's first harvest, and dives deeper into the importance of growing what you eat. Proceeds of the book are donated to The Wildlife Foundation, showing that Mrs. Obama understands the gardening benefits on not only our individual health, but the environment's as well.

This year, Mrs. Obama has kicked off a tour initiative in which she surprises schools and local community gardens to check in on their progress over the past few years. In addition to her "Let's Move!" campaign, she's been able to reached millions of young people, and has provided opportunities that for some, otherwise would have been impossible.

For a long time vegetable gardens weren't a common household activity or item. However, with evolution comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes power. The power to eat better, live healthier and thrive longer. And we at the Grow.Bar couldn't be more on board. Check out Mrs. Obama's visit to a local Washington D.C. school, Watkins Elementary. She gets a warm and excited welcome as she helps the students cook their own lunch.

We agree with Mrs. Obama. Everyone deserves to eat real, healthy food and we need to start protecting our resources and respecting the earth. If you do not already participate in your own local community or school gardens, try a Grow.Bar today - and get a taste for home gardening.

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What do you think of The White House Garden and The FLOTUS Garden Tour? We love to hear from our readers and always hope to inspire positive conversation! 

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