6 Activities to Brighten Up Your Morning Routine

Morning routines give people the opportunity to reflect and to prepare for the day ahead. It’s an important period of time, one that sets the tone for the rest of the day. And all too often, this time is rushed and unappreciated.

The habits we form when we first wake up create natural energies and thought patterns. And it’s possible to actively choose a repetitive system that evokes positivity, motivation and happiness.

The process does not have to take hours. Forming a regular routine can be complete within 30 minutes, if necessary. Review the following tips and use them as a guideline to start your mornings off right.

1. Drink water

The first thing you should do every morning is hydrate. It’s simple, it’s natural and most people do this mindlessly. However, many people wake up consumed by the stress of their day and rush to get out the door. Don’t put your health and overall well-being at risk. Drink appropriate amounts of water and keep your body and mind functioning properly.

2. Clean up your mess

You probably do not have time every morning to fix a broken table or take on a huge project. However there is plenty of time to make the bed, throw dirty clothes in the laundry, take out the trash and wipe down the counter or coffee table you left cluttered from the night before. The concept is to stimulate you to stop procrastinating. The small tasks add up and build stress if you leave them behind.

3. Stretch


Whether it be traditional yoga, or your own favorite bends and breaths, you should move your body around to get your blood flowing. Our bodies are strong, but they require maintaining and care. Stretching and breathing through the first few moments of the day is good for your muscles and circulation, and allows a few minutes for healthy meditation.

4. Make a to-do list

We all have a constant running list of things to accomplish in life. Whether it’s to make a doctors appointment, or to win a promotion at work, creating daily lists help to keep your mind centered and focused. You can do it while you sip on your morning coffee or tea. Think about what you need to accomplish for the day and jot it down (or type it on your mobile device). This simple practice will greatly increase your productivity and clear your mind of unnecessary clutter.  

5. Let the light in

After you have a glass of water and organize your things and your thoughts, draw back the curtains. Natural light is not only good for your wallet and saving energy used on artificial lighting; it’s also good for your overall health. “The retina has a specific photoreceptor that detects light and sends it to a special part of the brain (suprachiasm, located near the hypothalamus). Once this part is triggered, it sets off the master gland (hypothalamus) that in turn triggers the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands of the brain and body. These hormonal reaction to light is what promotes the diverse actions of the body and health.” (Fitbrains).

6. Eat something nutritious

It’s normal to have coffee or tea in the morning. However, even if busy parents feed their children healthy breakfasts, they often allow their own nutrition to fall through the cracks. Smoothies, fruit and protein bars are all fast options for the busy individual that provides a big dose of daily vitamins. And our Grow.Bar® microgreens are the perfect addition to your early routine. Check out our Grow.Blog Recipes for yummy cilantro pineapple or carrot ginger smoothie ideas, and give your brain the food it needs to function properly.

Mornings are a time for reflection, preparation and gratitude. Be thankful when you wake up. No matter what your beliefs are, or what position you are in; always remain positive about your existence.

Treat yourself with kindness and organize your mind and body with balance in mind. Nurture your environment, yourself and those around you and begin waking up excited for what lies ahead.

What are some of your favorite morning rituals? Sign-up with the Grow.Bar family and let us know!


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