How To Eat Healthy On A Budget: Grow.Bar's 7-Step Guide

Eating organic food does not have to mean eating expensive food. It's true that the organic produce and all-natural items tend to cost more. However, the prices are beginning to balance out just a little bit, and there are plenty of systems like the Grow.Bar that make growing some of your own food at home an easy and accessible possibility.

Review our following checklist to find affordable ways to eat healthy, organic, real foods on a regular basis.

Grow.Bar® Checklist For Affordable Healthy Eating

Grow.Bar® Checklist For Affordable Healthy Eating

1. grow your own food

You can increase your food budget by growing some of your own vegetables and herbs at home. The Grow.Bar is designed to fit into any size home, and in any environment. The grow system can be placed in your kitchen, living room or dining room and provides year round access to nutrition for your family.

2. eat less meat

If you are a meat-eater, try limiting your meat-based meals to a few night per week. When you decide to eat vegetable and grain-based dishes, you are not only saving money and providing healthier eating options, you are contributing to sustainability and protecting our resources. Try switching out the beef lasagna for a vegetable recipe. Or instead of beef burgers, try salmon or tofu.

3. reduce waste

Reduce your amount of waste by cooking smaller portions. It's common to make more than enough to feed growing children and families. However, limiting portion size can help kids develop healthier eating habits and will help control the cost of your weekly grocery bills. You can also reduce waste with composting and getting creative. The next time you have left over rice, don't throw it out. If it's not enough for a full side dish, toss it in your next mason jar salad.

4. buy in bulk

If you do not buy in bulk you are missing out on a huge money saving opportunity. If you are on a tight budget, put in the extra effort and buy the huge package of rice, or the family pack of coffee. Whatever it is, if it's being sold in bulk chances are good it's a great price per piece/item. There are various food retailers and companies that sell everything in bulk and that offer memberships. And if you do not have a local Costco-type business, look for the buy 3 get one half price deals wherever you can.

5. try store brands

Generic or store brands do not always mean lesser quality or worse taste. Trader Joe's is an excellent example of store brands holding up to high-quality standards. The store sells their own brand of food and for low prices. However, their food quality remains at a respectable level. There are certain items you might want to avoid, but more often than not the less expensive, store brand is just as good as the name one (of course, when it comes to organic produce, we recommended you stick to farmer's markets and Grow.Bar microgreens).

6. cook more

Stop ordering takeout, getting pizza delivery and going to drive-thrus. It can be hard finding the time to cook at home with a hectic schedule and busy family. However, it's important to find methods and systems that allow you to implement home-cooked meals. This is meal-planning 101 and an essential activity of eating well on a budget. Crock-pot recipes and smoothies are great ways to save time and pack in a ton of nutrition. And once you get into the habit, you'll inspire a new appreciation for your food.

7. try meal-kit/food delivery

We've reviewed a few meal kit delivery services and we sing their praises. We love that there are so many companies offering healthy, organic and quality food brought right to people's door step. And with the fresh food comes recipe instructions, images and inspirations that make cooking at home more convenient, even for the busiest of professionals. This may be an extremely healthy and frugal decision for your family, and can offer great support for the cooking novice.

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