6 Meal Kit Delivery Services At The Top Of Their Game

People across the country are beginning to embrace the convenience and excitement of fresh meal kit delivery services. There are now plenty of options and there seems to be no sign of the business slowing down. According to the market research firm Technomic Inc. "(meal kit) sales growth has outpaced all other aspects of food service - topping $1 billion globally in 2015" (foodnavigator-usa.com).

And there were even some few meal-kit delivery services that doubled (or more than doubled) their business in the last year. However, there are about 175 services to choose from (depending on your location and their delivery limits). That's a fairly big number to sort through. The industry is huge and growing, along with people's need for convenient, healthy eating options and interest in food quality.

With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know which is right for you without personally trying each one. And who has the time or money for that? We've made the process of choosing a little bit easier for our readers. Check out the following list of some of the most popular, high-quality services currently available.

Hello Fresh

Meal Kit Delivery Services

Meal Kit Delivery Services

HelloFresh offers meal kit delivery services across the United States and their ordering process includes a 2 or 4 person subscription (each with 3 meals delivered per week).

  • 2 people - $69/week, $11.50/person
  • 4 people - $129/week, $10.75/person

Members may skip a week if necessary, but must notify the service one week in advance. They can choose from 3 out of 5 meal options and there are no combination limitations. The services recipe cards come with descriptive lists, such as kitchen tools and detailed nutrition facts. And all of their ingredients are always extremely fresh.

meal kit delivery services

Plated prices their meal-kits based on the number of plates ordered and they service almost any address in the U.S.

  • minimum of 4 plates per order, per week (most of them range in the $12 zone).
  • 2 people, 3 meals - $72 per week.

They do offer more specialty dish options than other services and a creative list of choices, like filet mignon and seared scallops. And members have 9 meals to choose from (and they may order as many as they like). Members also have access to more gluten-free and low-calories dishes at Plated. The website offers wine pairing suggestions for members as well, and their recipe cards include specific directions to help increase overall productivity (for example, they might detail to chop onions while something else is simmering on the stove).

meal kit delivery services

Blue Apron is probably one of the most familiar and heard of services, along with HelloFresh, and they also deliver meal-kit nation wide. They offer members the ability to skip a week if they need to, as long as there is a week advance notice. And they also offer a 2 person or 4 person subscription.

  • 2 people - $59.94/week, $9.99 per person
  • 4 people - $139.84/week, $8.74 per person

However, with Blue Apron members will have a customized selections of meals to pick from based on their saved preferences. Not all combinations are possible, however there is a wide variety of options. Their recipe cards include excellent food photos and make the process an excellent learning experience. They cards include feedback from other members and additional tips as well.

meal kit delivery services

The Purple Carrot is a vegan-based meal-kit delivery service. They, of course, offer meals that use no heavily processed ingredients and no animal products. The recipes are submitted by professional chefs and reviewed by nutritionists as well, so members know they are always receiving top-notch dishes with quality ingredients.

They offer subscriptions services and have two options; 3 meals per week for 2 people, or 3 meals per week for 4 people.

  • 2 people - $68 per week, $11.33 per meal
  • 4 people - $74 per week, $6.17 per meal

Members choose from 4 meal options every week and can skip a week with notice if necessary.

Top meal kit delivery services

Relay foods is an online grocery that also offers meal-kit options. They currently only serve the Charlottesville, VA, Richmond, VA, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, and Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC areas, but they are hoping to expand. Pricing through Relay Foods is a bit different. They do not charge for the meal planning service itself. They only charge customers for the ingredients they need, just as if they were shopping at the store for their own.

The site specifies that the "combined ingredients for most main dishes you find in meal planning will cost between $4-$8 per serving". Members can choose the site's suggested full week meal plan, or cater their own by browsing the a large catalog. Search can be performed by course, cuisine, diet, theme or main ingredient. And once a dish has been chosen, members can delete or switch ingredients to their liking and needs.

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Munchery serves larger cities, such as San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, and offers fresh ingredients and new menus daily.  Munchery chefs come from top restaurants and bring skill, passion and expertise in a variety of cuisines. Members can choose from full cooked dishes, meal kits, salads, kids’ meals and drinks. And they may order on-demand or up to one week in advance.

Everything arrives chilled, so it all stays fresh. And with this service members do not have to stick to a subscription service or meal-per-week plan. Simply order what you want, when you want with their ultra-convenient app.

There are many more reliable local meal-kit delivery services. We encourage our readers to research what's happening in their area and to contribute to their local communities. And don't forget to add your own twist to delivered meal-kits with your Grow.Bar microgreens. They add an extra boost of nutrition, intense flavor and enticing aroma to any dish! What are some of your favorite meal-kit delivery services? Sign-up and let us know which is your favorite and why.

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