Meal Planning: Simple Solutions For The Busy Family

Meal Planning Tips

Meal Planning Tips

Once you have an idea of what you want to eat, all that's left to do is the math. For an effective meal plan, the best place to start is counting meals per head. If you eat 2 meals per day at home Monday-Friday (lunches at work or school) and 2 meals per day at home on the weekends (giving you 2 meals out per week), then your number of meals per head, per week is 14. If you are family of 4, that's 56 individual meals per week (14 x 4).

Shopping per meal, instead of person or day, makes it easier to lower your food waste and to budget accordingly. Let's say you have a budget of $150/week for food and grocery.  This needs to stay at an average of about $2.50 (give or take) per meal, if you are to purchase 56 meals worth of ingredients. And with a little effort, this is easily accomplished.

Check out some of our Grow.Blog Recipes for ideas and think about what's always inexpensive, like pasta. You can purchase organic whole wheat pasta (1 lb. bag) for $3.50 and use your Grow.Bar® basil blend microgreens to make your own pesto sauce (overall cost for sauce about $8). That's $11.50 for 4 meals, or $2.87 per meal. Voila! You stayed reasonably within your budget parameters.

It's not hard to provide a nutritious, homemade meal plan for your family. It may take some time at first, but once you get into the swing of planning ahead, the math and ideas will flow easily. Use our Meal Planning infographic as a jumping off point and limit your grocery runs to 4 times per month (1/week). There are many locations throughout the country that now offer organic delivery services as well (like Door To Door Organics and The Green Polka Dot Box). What are some of your best meal planning tips? Sign-up and let us know!

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