Grow.Bar® Microgreen Tips & Trends

We really don't like calling microgreens a "trend", but statistics prove that's exactly what they've become. We see their popularity steadily rising, giving us hope that the trend loses its label and becomes a constant. And as you most likely have noticed, high-quality restaurants and professional chefs are using them all the time with their dishes. When using microgreens, these businesses are actively contributing to sustainable agriculture and possibly creating jobs. It's a delicious and healthy decision, as well as a conscious and kind choice.

People are starting to catch on. With the low harvest time for microgreens, their growth process is convenient for the busy individual or family. And their super nutrition is off the charts - some microgreens even containing up to 40 times the amount of vitamins as it's adult counterpart ( Although they be small, they are mighty!

The Grow.Bar is hoping to bring microgreen gardens into everyone's kitchen. No gardening or growing experience is required. Our system makes it simple and easy to grow right in your own home. However, the creation process after you harvest your microgreens may be a bit more complex. Check out the following from our Instagram for a quick, easy and nutritious cucumber, avocado and cilantro snack.

Another fast way to get a meals worth of nutrition is with a smoothie. The process is simple, just chop, dump and blend. You will have to experiment with flavors and amounts to discover your favorite combination. So have fun and try something new, the possibilities are endless. And with the Grow.Bar Smoothie Blend Seed Kit, we've done half of the work for you.

What makes a microgreen so different is it's young harvest age. Although it may be smaller, the seeds you need to grow microgreens come from the same species. For instance, how often do you eat broccoli? Now ask yourself when was the last time you had broccoli greens? If you're like many people, the answer is never. Not only do microgreens make food more colorful and convenient, they also make it fun and exciting.

We are constantly learning new ways to integrate microgreens into our recipes and daily foods. There are even many greens that are a great snack all by themselves or slightly drizzled with your favorite dressing. Growing does not have to be difficult. Obviously, we suggest the Grow.Bar for all of your growing needs and hope to welcome everyone to the Grow.Bar community. To set up your own grow system indoors would take more time, space and money and will likely cause a mess. Avoid the hassle and start getting to know Grow.Bar®.

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