10 Easy Ways To Start "Living Green"

We talk often about the essential need for people to start living green. And that we must all be aware of making sustainable choices. However, there's so much more you can do to start helping yourself and your environment. Take diapers for instance. "The average American uses 3,796 diapers as a baby and toddler. Those diapers require 715 pounds of plastics, 5.65 barrels of crude oil and 4.5 tress to manufacture, and those numbers don’t even include the oil used to transport the diapers from the manufacturer to your home. Of course, after the diapers are used, we have to throw them away. Americans throw away about 570 diapers per second" (greenlivingeco.com).

Although cloth diapers are not included in the following list, it's definitely a good way for parents to start wasting less and using more of what they already have. It can be difficult to push yourself into forming new habits. We know, we get it. Take comfort in knowing that it gets easier once you make something part of your everyday schedule. You'll feel good about your conscious and kind efforts to make the world a better place, and you'll be saving financial resources of your own in the process.

1. Dishwashers

Start living green


Dishwashers use more energy the less they have in them. fill yours before every wash to save up to 100 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. And probably save a few bucks every month as well.

2. Showers

Start living green

Try to be conscious of how long you are in the shower. It can be a relaxing experience. We totally get wanting to take long, hot showers after a stressful day. However by limiting your shower time, or turning off the water while lathering, you can save a ton of water (same goes for brushing your teeth. Turn the faucet off until you need a rinse).

3. Rags

Start living green

Switch from disposable paper towels, one-wipe products and sponges to reusable towels and old materials. Instead of throwing out or donating a ripped t-shirt, cut it up and use it for cleaning. Dishtowels are also a great way to start living a more Eco-conscious life.

4. Lights

Turn off the lights when you leave a room! It's a simple as that. And use windows and natural light as much as possible. You can also save big on energy by unplugging the coffee maker when you are done, not just turning it off. The same goes for any electrical devices. When you are not using your phone charger, unplug it from the socket.

5. Food

Start living green

Buy local, organic food and produce and remember to bring your reusable bag with you. Don't waste more paper or plastic, there is absolutely no need. In France, they supermarkets do not even offer free bags. Customers must bring their own reusable ones or pay to purchase a reusable bag on site.  You should also start growing some of your own food. Even if you lack outdoor space, with items like the Grow.Bar® it's possible for even apartment and city dwellers to make healthy, sustainable choices.

6. Restaurants

When you order at a restaurant and ask for a doggy bag, tell your server you won't need the utensils and napkins. If you are eating the food later at home, or somewhere with access to these items, save the waste by making an easy and small gesture.

7. Water

Stop buying bottled water. Purchase a durable and efficient water bottle and invest in a filter for your home tap. This will save you money, the earth's water and reduce your use of plastics. If you do happen to leave home without your own water bottle or thermos, then try to at least re-use plastic water bottles. There are also companies who now offer boxed water, made out of recycled materials, as an alternative to the traditional plastic options.

8. Coffee

Stop buying coffee everyday from a chain store or outside location. Invest in a sturdy, insulated mobile mug and brew coffee at home. If you do love the coffee shop atmosphere, then consider bringing your own mug with you to the shop. If you are still willing to pay full price for your coffee, there's likely no reason they would decline your request. This is especially easy and convenient if you drink drip coffee, rather than espresso based concoctions.

9. Bills

If you are still receiving paper bills or credit card and bank statements, stop right now. Most businesses and banks now offer paperless billing and account access. Save paper and resources by switching today and stop buying new filing cabinets.

10. Plants

Start living green through organic foods

An obvious way to live more "green" is to surround yourself with more green. Move plant-life inside and experience the benefits of indoor vegetation. The Grow.Bar® is a great way to integrate organic life in the home. It offers aroma, flavor, health, nutrition and a modern design touch. And many plants help to clean the air and cool the temperatures of your home. Possibly reducing the amount of energy needed from your air conditioner during warmer months.

No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, there is a way to start live green. If you pay attention to our environment and what's important, with little effort you can incorporate better habits for yourself and the world around you. What are some of the ways you live green everyday? Anyone have experience with solar panels? Sign-up and share with us!

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