Top Design Trends For 2016: Sustainable & Balanced Interiors


Sustainability and gardening are no longer labeled "outdoor" topics of conversation. The two are moving inside, and it's not just the Grow.Bar community that's excited. Interior design trends come and go, however house plants and balance have always been key ingredients (and always will be). It's fun to watch as indoor landscapes become a reality and people begin to make conscious and healthy design decisions.

We love seeing some of our favorite interior inspirations take center stage. Green living and organic products are important. And both can be incorporated in any interior style. Check out what else in trending in interiors; from mixing it up and removing televisions, to the upgraded house plant and's all right up Grow.Bar user alley.

Mixed Materials In Kitchens


Kitchens are the heart of any home. So it seems only natural for the room to incorporate more than one style. Let the room reflect the personalities of everyone in the home. It's easy, no remodel necessary. If you want to take on the bigger projects, consider tiled counter tops, instead of traditional acrylic or polyester materials. Or switch it up and install hardwood floors, rather than the usual tile or linoleum squares.

You can add pops of color easily by displaying vintage plates, cutlery or family heirlooms. And Grow.Bar users can use their microgreens for man than just nutrition. The vibrant vegetables and herbs will add color and dimension to your kitchen. And the all-natural wood structures offer new material to include. Let the kids help choose items like a non-traditional rug or bright red kitchenware. Even back splash can extend beyond regular tile. Try stone or cork instead. The possibilities are endless.

Tech-Less Living Spaces


In such a digital and constantly connected world, it's become more important than ever to turn it all off once in a while. You will start to see more living rooms and communal spaces remove the technology and get back to the way things used to be; living rooms used for more living and communication, and less for zoning out into our screens.

And eliminating tech opens the door to more design possibilities. With the natural wood construction and gorgeous greens, the Grow.Bar is more than just a garden, it's a conversation starter with a style all it's own. Try placing yours in a common room, rather than the kitchen for a fresh addition to your tech-less space. Remove the television, stereo and digital devices from your living room. What will you do with all the empty space? Add more plant life and perhaps a large mirror? Goo idea! These add depth, texture and life to a room. It's important to provide a space for you and your family to disconnect from tech and reconnect with each other.

Indoor Landscaping

The Grow.Bar®

The Grow.Bar®

We can't say enough about indoor landscapes. Especially since the Grow.Bar itself is what you could call and "indoor landscape".  It's what we do and it's what we believe. Bring the outdoors inside and make your kitchen your garden. Landscaping is no longer just for yards or large outdoor spaces. People are more intrigued than before over the potted plant and are beginning to see it as a dynamic design possibility.

Indoor vegetable gardens are one of the most popular and sustainable ways to start an indoor landscape. Lisa Port of Banyon Tree Design Studio realizes that sustainability is on most peoples minds. "As we take a look at plants, soils and materials, I think we'll see a move towards landscapes that are sustainable but also aesthetically pleasing" says Port. And we couldn't agree more. Sustainable choices made inside the home don't have to look like a science experiment. Use your Grow.Bar (or multiple ones!) to add a modern and elegant touch this year.

Homemade Craft Revival

Crafting is nothing new. In fact, it's something human beings have always done (in one way or another). However, these homemade items have taken a back seat in today's growing world of technology. But with sites like Pinterest and Houzz, the revival of DIY projects has been ignited. Even Grow.Bar microgreens can be incorporated. Try our Vanilla Basil Candle recipe and accessorize your indoor lighting and ambiance with cozy, homemade candles.

Even if you don't knit, paint and craft like a pro, chances are good there is something handmade you could add to your home. You may choose to purchase a craft, rather than construct one yourself. Like a handmade, organic woven blanket. Or maybe you've scored a vintage dresser for a great price, but you hate the color or materials. Craft it up (on the cheap) by painting each drawer different colors. Or maybe you want to install new handles to modernize the design. Have fun and let your creativity flow.

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