The menu is deceiving

Everyone who is on a mission to make well-informed and nutritional eating decisions should avoid most restaurants or dine-out opportunities. A restaurant trip should be seen as your weekly vice, similar to eating a candy bar. You know you are not making the most nutritional choice eating out, but you tell yourself there are ways to make up for it. Better food and more exercise count, but how many of us actually do this habitually?

Most restaurants are for profit organizations. They value their income over the health benefits or quality of their ingredients. And they may even ignore patrons, regardless of their good intentions. Most Chefs deal with 3 major cost factors when organizing their professional kitchens. First, the food cost. Second, labor cost and last but not least, the cost of operation.

The basic breakdown...

  • Food cost = cost of all food purchased for sale
  • Labor cost = the combined cost of all employees and personnel
  • Cost of operations = rent/lease, utilities etc. 

As a chef or owner of an establishment your ability to control cost is limited to the food. Labor is pretty much set and always a high number. And the better the restaurant the higher the labor cost. Your cost of operation is usually inflexible as well and will not fluctuate much. So that leaves us with the food cost. This is likely the only number and method that will either save or break an operation.

Think before you go out to eat next time. Ask yourself "will the chef be buying organic, local, non processed and natural fresh foods? Will the chef always buy fresh and never frozen? Will there be a from scratch principle?" The answer is absolutely not. Most chefs will have the obligation to their respective owners to produce profits above all else. And the more profits the better. Where do you think the chef's loyalty lies?


You can do much better for yourself and your body eating at home. With a little planning and guidance you can seriously compete with your local chefs. And achieve more nutritional results for yourself and your family. Not to mention, you'll be saving money and having fun. You can consult with a private chef or seek out cooking advice from sites like chefsteps that aim to help you eat better at home. 

Restaurants (as we know them now) will eventually be obsolete. And the movement of eating more at home has already started. There are several reasonable meal delivery services available who will ship partially or from scratch meals to your door. And companies like Blue Apron are already shipping million's of meals weekly to aspiring home chefs. In addition to these companies there are also many local meal delivery services available. These may have more dietary restriction options than restaurants offer as well.

Companies like Thistle in San Fransisco are creating a healthy meal delivery service. Most of these services are still a better choice for the conscious diner, even if they do not wish to become a skilled home chef. However, eating at home and cooking together creates family values. And lasting fundamental memories. There is no doubt that the trend of healthy delivery services and more home cooking is here to stay. And it's constantly growing.

Once you discover a method that works you will quickly see the benefits of eating healthy at home. You can even jump-start your efforts or take them to a new level with the Grow.Bar system. The system is user-friendly and will add homegrown, beneficial and fragrant veggies to your kitchen.

No matter what nutritional decisions you are making, you should be guided by the following principles...

  • always fresh, never frozen
  • organic over conventional, if possible and within reason
  • seasonal foods always taste better
  • responsibly sourced
  • free-range over caged
  • local offerings contain more nutrition

Remember; the only one that truly cares about you is you. You are the only one with the power to change your health.

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