Urban Gardens: The New Design Of Sustainability

Sustainability (in ecological terms) is the capacity to withstand. It includes how organic systems endure and remain productive. But with more and more people moving to cities and smaller living situations, our attention to agriculture has shifted. And our efforts on preserving our resources are coming into sharper focus.

The United Nations projects that “the world’s population will reach 9.6 billion people by 2050, 86 percent of who will live in cities “ (Ecowatch.com). 86 is a huge percentage. We as a global community must realize it’s up to us to maintain our resources.  It’s only natural that urban gardens and farming have become a lasting trend.

But is it really a trend? Maybe the correct word is movement, because the “trend” is picking up momentum. And it’s not stopping for anything or anyone. These indoor and rooftop gardens are popping up all around the world. For cities with a bulging population, urban farms and gardens have given city dwellers more access to fresh, nutritious food. And the ability to grow this organic produce all year long.


However, Urban gardening is not only an answer to smaller spaces and less outdoor area. It’s also an answer to our ever-changing climate. With systems like the Grow.Bar you can grow organic, nutrition packed greens all year long, without concern for weather conditions. This is huge when considering our world’s sustainability. And essential when you consider global warming effects and energy costs.

With the Grow.Bar system, even a novice gardener can succeed in contributing to the movement. Think you can’t grow anything? Have all your indoor planting efforts failed? Think again. The Grow.Bar makes it easy. With app control, minimal input and a constant community of support and instruction, it's the best way to combine technology and natural life.

One of the Grow.Bar system's most unique features is how seamlessly it fits into the interior design of any home. Unlike some similar products, the Grow.Bar won’t cost you thousands of dollars. It’s affordable, crafted in the U.S.A and made to last. And it won’t look like a science project hanging out in your living room.

In a small way, with the Grow.Bar you are not only contributing to the ecological environment, but also to the craftsman and economy of the United States. The systems are created in Ohio and are based on years of successful commercial growing and woodworking knowledge. Not only will you be able to compete with local chefs, but with the natural all-wood construction you will also add the perfect modern touch to any space.

They are ideal for kitchen spaces, but may be placed anywhere in your home that suits your specific style and current feng shui. They are an answer for many people who don't have access to their rooftops or local urban farms. And they are a new and improved way for people to live a healthier and more Eco-conscious life.

Many indoor gardens are becoming widely popular with models showing up at IKEA and local home and garden stores. However, we don't all have the time (or experience) to construct, build and create our own indoor gardens. Nor does a self-made urban garden come with an endless community of resources and support.

It's a no-brainer; The urban garden movement is real. And it's important. And a Grow.Bar system can be the best way to start your own contribution. Your bodies will be healthier, your senses stimulated and your design totally on point.

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