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Kohlrabi is a member of the Brassica family, which also includes cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens and brussel sprouts. The plant is native to European region and there are two main varieties that exist - white and purple. However, both the "white" (actually light green color) and purple have the same colored (edible) flesh.

Stimulating Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy

It's name is Mycobacterium vaccae, and it's a substance (currently under study) that has already been found to mirror the effect on neurons that drugs like Prozac provide. The substance has shown to stimulate serotonin production in the brain of humans, which is the chemical that makes you feel relaxed and content. No more costly visits to the therapist. No more dangerous medications that magically "fix" your happiness. This bacterium is found in the most natural of places - the ground. That's right, dirt is the new happy!

Earth Day 2016: A Turning Point For Progress

While at a 1969 UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. This first "Earth Day" celebration was to be celebrated on March 21, 1970, as it would mark the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day in nature was later sanctioned in a proclamation written by McConnell and signed at The United Nations by Secretary General U Thant

Meatless Monday: Recipes That Could Satisfty A Carnivore

Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or a full blown carnivore, it's worth it to go meat-free on Mondays. In fact, it's worth it to go meatless as often as possible. We've already explored what happens to your body when you stop eating meats, however what we haven't discussed is the awesome (and tasty) alternatives that go beyond just tofu.

3 Vegan Podcasts You Need In Your Life

If you do not already indulge in podcasts, it's high time you started. There is a whole world of information available and some highly entertaining and educational subjects that are covered in the old radio-show format. It seems like literally everyone has a podcast nowadays, and we're loving some of the options. "You probably didn't hear much about podcasting from 2008 to 2013", says Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm podcast. “Why? That’s because it wasn’t new anymore, so nobody was talking about it.

Missouri Mayor Fining Families For Food Gardens!

In the town of Sugar Creek, Missouri a family is being fined for having a vegetable garden in their front yard. Why is a typical first response. How can a person not ask WHY someone be fined for growing vegetables?! It sounds absurd, and well - it sort of is. What we do know is that Nathan Athans said he planted the garden in his front yard because it gets optimal sunlight. His backyard only gets sunshine for about two hours per day, and only in certain areas. So naturally, this was where he would grow his home garden.

The 6 Best Foods For Stress Relief

We could all use a little stress relief. Regardless of your status or position, life gets stressful. And people will try anything to get a little relaxation time. From spa treatments, massages and pedicures, to running and other exercises, there are plenty of ways to help reduce the affects of stress on your body. However, many people don't know that they can help control anxiety ridden moments with their food.

Grow.Bar Organic Seed.Kit® - Classic lettuce green leaf

We've all heard of lettuce. And it's likely that most people have eaten lettuce. The word is commonly used to generally describe the greens in a salad. However, "lettuce" itself is known scientifically as Lactuca sativa, and it's a unique and wonderful green crop. Lettuce was likely first cultivated in Ancient Egypt, where its seeds were first used to produce oil. Eventually, the ancient Egyptians started to realizing the benefits of eating the leaves as well, and the habit quickly spread to the Greek and Romans.

The Perfect Pairing: Balancing Food & Drink

When most people hear the word "pairing" in regards to a meal they most likely think of wine. It's common for high-end restaurants to offer assistance with the process, and plenty of people recognize the enhancement of their eating experience when paying attention to these details. But have you ever tried pairing your own food and drink at home? What if you don't have any wine, or are an alcohol-free household? Good news, you can pair any type of beverage to the food you're eating.

Grow.Bar Organic Seed.Kit® - Basil Blends

The culinary herb basil is scientifically known as Ocimum basilicum , and is also sometimes called sweet basil (or even "Saint Joseph's Wort" in some English speaking countries). It's in the mint family (Lamiaceae) and is most likely native to India. The plant has been cultivated there for more than 5,000 years, proving it's usefulness and sustainability. And it's an annual crop commonly found in Italian and Southeast Asian cuisine, with a ton of varieties.

Organic Blah Blah Blah: Getting People Back In The Kitchen

Organic Blah Blah Blah is a new meal-planning service from the West Coast that's changing the way people shop, create and appreciate their food. The new company and blog are informative and educational, as well inspiring and fun. There truly is something for everyone. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or a carnivorous fool, they help people create a healthier relationship with food through personal programs, blog posts, live podcasts and local pop-up events.

Grow.Bar Organic Seed.Kit® - Palatable Peas

Pea greens may seem like a foreign concept to many people. However, the young leaves of the pea plant contain unique flavors, similar to it's adult counterpart, and they make a nutritious addition to any dish. The peas you're most likely familiar with are the small spherical seeds or the "seed-pod" of the pod fruit Pisum sativum.

Super Salad Sunday: 6 Steps To The Perfect Bowl

It's Sunday and it's the end of the weekend. You're gearing up for the busy week ahead, but you should rest up as well. We say why not relax? Take it easy and give yourself a break. Offer your family a healthy, light Sunday meal, instead of spending your whole afternoon preparing food. Try a healthier, easier option and put the roasting pan away. Toss up a quick and fresh family salad instead.

Grow.Bar Organic Seed.Kit® - Scintillating Cilantro

Cilantro arrived in North America in the late 17th century, but did not really become popular until the 90's. The plant is most likely native to Southern Europe and Northern Africa, and has been documented in use by many ancient cultures for medicinal purposes, as well as in food. Cilantro comes from the coriander plant, is a year-round herb (an apiaceae).

Mixing With Microgreens: 4 Creative Cocktails For Any Occasion

When most people consider their cocktail of choice it usually revolves around taste. Some people prefer their drinks strong, and some prefer them sweet. Some people want refreshing, while others may want something with a punch. However, regardless of your favorite flavors, you can incorporate Grow.Bar microgreens into almost any recipe.

Grow.Bar Organic Seed.Kit® - Awesome Arugula Microgreens

Arugula (scientifically known as Eruca Sativa) is a green, leafy vegetable native to the Mediterranean. A full grown arugula plant features succulent flowers and all parts of the plant (pod, seeds & flowers) can be consumed. It's a Brassicaceae, similar to Brassica plants like mustard and kale, and may also go by names like roguette or rocket. It's a fairly small, annual crop and it's commonly eaten in The U.S. It's likely that you've had arugula in a salad, or included in a side dish or sandwich. And it's considered on of the best greens to eat on a regular basis.

White House garden tour : Checking In With America's Gardeners

Regardless of your political views, beliefs or opinions, Michelle Obama's White House Garden tour is inspiring. She began her mission back in 2009, when she broke ground on the most extensive vegetable garden at The White House to date. The 1,100 square-foot, L-shaped garden resides on the South Lawn of The White House (near the tennis courts) and can be seen courts and can be seen from parts of the street near by.

Grow.Bar Organic Seed.Kit® - Beautiful Broccoli

Most of us eat broccoli. It's one of the most famous vegetables and most common amongst most American families, and it's full of vital nutrients. However, when was the last time you had broccoli greens? No, not green broccoli. We mean the leaves of the plant before it begins to grow what you know as broccoli flours. Probably not very often, if ever. But they're an excellent source of vitamins and a tasty, tender and convenient alternative to the regular steamed broccoli.

How To Create Satisfying & Flavorful Vegetarian Meals

Creating delicious vegetarian food is not impossible. Vegetables and herbs provide an array of flavors and there are endless spices and ingredients you can incorporate. However, we often hear from vegetarians who want to maintain their meat-free diets, but who do not know their way around a kitchen. Even if you are not a cooking novice, there may be some useful tips and tricks-of-the-trade you haven't tried. Meals, regardless of ingredients, need to contain valuable amounts of nutrition, proper calorie intake and substantial sustenance.

Grow.Bar Organic Seed.Kit® - Purple Mizuna & Tatsoi

Mizuna microgreens is a fancy (and fun) name for what you might know better as just small mustard greens. Mustard that you put on sandwiches or hot dogs is a condiment created from mustard seed. However, mustard greens offer a variety of health benefits and delicious flavors as well. Originally grown in ancient China and Japan, these greens come in many varieties and have been grown, harvested and consumed for centuries.